Worst Object Throwing Incidents in History


Here's the list of most popular and worst object throwing incidents.

1 . George Bush - Shoe

George Bush Shoe

In December 2008 the worst throwing incident happened when President George W. Bush made a visit to the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Palace in Baghdad, Iraq, for a press conference with the Iraqi media. Despite the strict security, one press member, Muntazer al-Zaidi, removed his shoe and threw it violently at George Bush.

2 . Rupert Murdoch - Pie 

Rupert MurdochPie Incident

On July 19, 2011, Rupert Murdoch, CEO of New Corporation, was testifying before a British Parliament committee regarding a hacking scandal when one vigilante planted a "white foam pie" in the face of Murdoch.

3 . Tony Blair - Shoes and Eggs

Tony Blair Got Shoes and Eggs

In 2010, British Prime Minister Tony Blair became quite unpopular for hisuse of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. People expressed their anger by throwing eggs and shoes at Blair when he arrived for a book signing in Dublin, Ireland.

4 . Arnold Schwarzenegger - Egg

Eggs Thrown At Arnold Schwarzenegger

At the time when Arnold Schwarzenegger was campaigning to start his political career he was hit by an egg while he walked through a crowd en route to his speaking podium in Long Beach, California, September 2003.

5 . Steve Ballmer - Eggs

Egg On Steve Ballmer

During a visit to the Hungarian University of Economy, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke to a group of students and asked them if they still had exams yet to take. One student, wearing "Microsoft Corruption" T-shirt stood up, began shouting at the executive and tossed eggs towards him.

6 . Ann Coulter - Pies

Ann Coulter Pies Picture

During a speaking engagement at the University of Arizona in October of 2004. Ann Coulter is a Conservative author.

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