Top 10 World's Worst Jobs


1 . Janitor at a Porno Theatre

Janitor Picture
Janitor, in itself, is a pretty bad job. But, porno theater janitor is the worst job on the list. The main work of the porno theater janitor is to take his mop and rag and wide up after each show is finished. Unlike a traditional theater, it's safe to assume that sticky substance under the chair is something other than Coca-Cola Classic!

2 . Sewer Cleaner

Sewer Cleaning Picture
Ramesh Sahu works in the sanitation department of Calcutta, cleaning out the city's sewers. Rakesh sits in a low crouch at the bottom of a seven-foot-deep manhole, sloshing away in a swirl of human waste and sediment. Equipped with a hoe, a steel bar, and wearing only a pair of loose purple underpants, Rakesh empties the thick black sludge from a clogged sewer into a bucket that his fellow crew members hoist up and dump in the middle of a narrow road.
3 . Elephant Shit Inspector
Elephant Shit Inspection
Remember being to zoo for an elephant ride? You probably thought that the person who gets to control the elephant is some super awesome guy who with one tiny signal could make the elephant do anything. But behind the scene no one knows how much shit he goes through. You see when you are an elephant some times its difficult to digest the food easily without exercising (running around). So the instructor or some worker has to put his/her hand into the elephant to make it shit easily.

4 . Guard at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace Guard
This job at Buckingham Palace is regarded as one of the worst jobs in the British Army . Besides the fact that they have to stand for hours, no laughing allowed, they also have to look their best. Any soldier whose turn-out is less than immaculate is likely to face a variety of punishments, such as extra guard duty.

5 . Animal Masturbator

Animal Masturbation Picture
Research people who want animal sperm -to study fertility or for artificial insemination-have a suite of attractive options: They can ram an electric probe up an animal's rectum, shove an artificial vagina onto the animal's penis or simply do it the old-fashioned way-manual stimulation. The first option, electroejaculation , uses a priapic rectal probe to send electricity pulsing through the animal's nether regions. "All the normal excitatory signals that stimulate ejaculation, like touch, sight, sound and smell, can be replaced with the current from the probe," says Trish Berger, professor of animal science at the University of California , Davis. "It's fascinating. Of course, this is a woman talking." It generally requires anesthetizing the animal and is typically used on zoo dwellers. The other two methods-the artificial vagina, or AV, and the good old hand-require that animals be trained to the procedure.

6 . Portable Toilet Cleaner

Portable Toilet Photo

Although most people in polite society methodically avoid situations where they need to use a portable toilet, modern outhouses can be lifesavers. As gross as they can be, they'd be worse without the folks who clean them for a living. Using a tank and a vacuum wand, cleaners must suck up all the waste in aportable toilet. After picking up any stray toilet paper, they also wash down all surfaces that could possibly be soiled, including the walls. This is when a high-pressure hose comes in handy. Most of time cleaning oneportable toilet takes only a few minutes, and most workers clean from 10 to 60 of them a day. Nevertheless, some cleaners grin and bear it -- and take home $50,000 a year.

7 . Stage Performer’s Assistant
Stage Performer Show
An assistant can’t be considered as a worst job but it does depend upon whose assistant the person is going to be. Let’s suppose a knife thrower is supposed to hit the target with you in between him and the target. He may specialize at what he does but if God forbid a single inch is missed, the knife slips from his hand or he sneezes at the inappropriate time, your life will be finished. But people prefer to live. So this can be rated as one of the stupidest and most dangerous jobs. 

8 . Cat Food Quality Controller

Cat Food Picture
Jon Hanson had what he describes as the worst job in his entire life: quality control on cat food. His task involved several test as he describes. Test 1: Bury face in a huge tub of it and sniff it to make sure it's fresh. 2: Plunge arms in it up to the elbows and grope for bony bits and take them out. 3: Scoop up huge dollop of it, smear it flat on surface and prod it with fingers to test how much gristle is there. OMG !
9 . Skyscraper Window Cleaner
Big Buildings Claeners
A window cleaner is a safe job, but when it comes to the skyscrapers a person might get a heart attack just by looking down. A lot of things can go wrong while cleaning the windows of a sky scraper. Even if a single nut of the plank is not tight, the person can lose his life. I wonder if those people ever get the feeling of “screw it; I’m not getting paid enough”. But the financial crisis leaves them with no choice, so they put their life on stake for the sake of their family.

10 . Roadkill Remover

Roadkill Remover Peoples

Pretty self-explanatory. Roadkill cleaning the remains of dead creatures in decay off the road in various states, they also get to do it while braving oncoming traffic.

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