Top 8 Less Known Useful Websites List


Here's the list of top very useful websites that are not much known.

8. Is it Down for Everyone, or Just Me?

Is it Down for Everyone or Just Me
Nothing’s worse than clicking on a website and waiting  for it to load. What will be your first question. Is it the problem on my end? Well, simply go to this website, type in the site address, and get the answer. Who knows, maybe it’s down for everyone too.

7. Valebrity

Valebrity Website
For every celebrity Twitter page that goes online,dozen's fake celebrity Twitters are created. Type in either the Twitter username or the actual celebrity name on Valebrity and pull up their official Twitter page for your stalking pleasure.

6. Umbrella Today

Umbrella Today
Weather is easy enough to obtain online, but what about rain? Decipher the 20% chance of rain with Umbrella Today, which instantly tells you whether or not it’s umbrella carrying weather with a simple input of your zip code.
Umbrella Today

5. Memorari

There are certainly many easy ways to remember something- set a reminder in your cell phone, tie a ribbon in your finger. Well strain no more with Memorari, which will remember what you need and remind you at the specified time, date, and communication method via phone, IM, email, etc.

4. Pic Resize

Pic Resize
Pic Resize, can resize a photo into any size or format quickly via upload and saves it to your computer or keeps it online for you to link to.
Pic Resize

3. HelloTxt

HelloTxt Website
You probably have multiple accounts in social networking sites. With HelloTxt, you can post a status update instantly with a number of sites at the same time.

2. What Does the Internet Think?

What Does the Internet Think
Before getting into any debates, see if you can have the weight of the Internet to support you with What Does the Internet Think? It uses search engines to pull up data on whether or not your keyword is positive, negative, or maybe a bit of both.
What Does the Internet Think?

1. HowJSay

Get a heads up on your big fancy vocabulary words with HowJSay, which says over 100,000 words aloud for you to hear. Just type in the word and listen to its pronunciation.

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