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There are so many great humor bloggers out there, I'm not sure i'll be able to create an ideal list. Anyways, here's my list of top 10 humor blogs

1 . CollegeHumor
CollegeHumor is a comedy website owned by InterActiveCorp and based in New York City. The site features daily original comedy videos and articles created by its in-house writing and production team, in addition to user-submitted videos, pictures, articles and links.


Features :


CollegeHumor produces original comedy videos under the CH Originals (formerly known as CHTV) banner. In addition, the site hosts a large collection of user-submitted viral videos, encompassing home movies, bizarre sports highlights, sketches, and the like. These videos can be viewed 1 month before released in their website.


CollegeHumor's Pictures section features user-submitted photographs. Like the site's videos, CollegeHumor's pictures are of a humorous or bizarre nature. CollegeHumor also occasionally holds photo-based contests for its users. CollegeHumor also provides a hottest/cutest college girl contest almost every day throughout the year.


CollegeHumor posts original writing from its staff and users, including humorous essays, comics, interviews and weekly columns on sports, video games, college life and dating. Contributing writers to the site have included notable comedians Christian Finnegan, David Wain, Paul Scheer, Amir Blumenfeld, Justin Johnson, Judah Friedlander. Streeter Seidell curates the articles and edits the website's front page.

2 . Cracked is a humor website that was spun off the last attempt to revive Cracked magazine. It began in its current form in 2007.

Slogen : America's Only Humor Site Since 1958

Featured Columnists :

  • Daniel O' Brien
  • Soren Bowie
  • Robert Brockway
  • Chris Bucholz
  • Gladstone
  • Michael Swaim
  • Seanbaby
  • Cody
  • Christina H.
  • David Wong
  • Jack O'Brien
  • John Cheese
  • Luke McKinney
  • Brendan McGinley

3 . Thechive
The Chive, or, is a photo-entertainment website independently owned and operated by Resignation, LLC. The website's name is derived through a combination of Chicago, IL, and Venice, CA, the respective hometowns of the founders.Images appearing on are selected by staff from searches of both international and domestic websites as well as daily submissions.
The Chive gained attention for a series of internet hoaxes that began in 2007 and were reported as true stories by mainstream media outlets.

Slogan :  Probably the Best Site in the World

4 . Failblog
Fail Blog is a comedic blog website created in January 2008.FAIL Blog chronicles disastrous mishaps and general stupidity in photos and video.Users can upload a picture of someone (or something) failing at an activity, and have the option of captioning it with the words "fail", "epic fail", "X Fail", or "X; You're doin' it wrong" (X being the activity at which the subject has failed). There are also multiple sites under the FAIL Blog brand, including Failbook (which features FAIL’s on Facebook), WIN!, Ugliest Tattoos, and There, I Fixed It and Memebase.


Slogan : Helping you feel better about yourself every day 

5 . Fark
Fark is a community website created by Drew Curtis that allows members to comment on a daily batch of news articles and other items from various websites. As of June 2009, the site boasts approximately four million unique visitors per month, which puts it among the top 100 English language websites. The site receives approximately 2,000 story submissions per day and approximately 50 of them are publicly displayed on the site.
The site is frequently used as a humorous source for news by radio stations, as well as most late night comedy shows. Picture

Slogan We don't make news. We mock it.

6 . Funnyordie
Funny or Die is a comedy video website founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's production company, Gary Sanchez Productions with original and user-generated content. Many clips on the site feature well-known actors (examples include Charlie Sheen, Patrick Stewart, Daniel Radcliffe, Lindsay Lohan and Jerry Seinfeld). Michael Kvamme, an aspiring young comedian, came up with a concept for a new kind of comedy site and the site was developed by Randy Adams.
The site's first video, "The Landlord," has received over 70 million views and features Ferrell confronted by a swearing, beer-drinking two-year-old landlord. In June 2007, they received venture capital funding from Sequoia Capital, and in June 2008, they announced a partnership with HBO.


Key people :

Adam McKay
Will Ferrell
Judd Apatow
Randy Adams

7 . Theberry (formerly which is still up and running at the moment) is the self proclaimed "World's First Female Humor website". The creator of the website is Emily aka 'EmRes' aka 'idz'.There is not a lot of actual information on her persona, except the story of how she was convinced to start the website "over a couple of pints at Fado's", by two friends. You can also read a little about Emily growing up, on the About page of

The website is very well designed. The color scheme chosen was a great decision. The violet/lavender theme is truly a relaxing and feminine touch to the website. The structure is also a good one. Each of the categories and items on the website are clearly defined and visible without difficulty.

8 . Cavemancircus 

Caveman Circus is a Men Entertainment site dedicated to all the things men care to waste time on.

9 . SmashingLists

Smashing Lists is an entertainment as well as educational blog compiling the top 10 lists on various topics ranging from lifestyle to entertainment, science and technology.

10 . ?
Please provide your valuable suggestions to improve this list of top funny blogs.

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