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The cinema of Iran is a flourishing film industry with a very long history. Many popular movies are annually made in Iran, and Iranian art films win praise around the world.World-renowned Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke and German filmmaker Werner Herzog, along with many film critics from around the world, have praised Iranian cinema as one of the world's most important artistic cinema.
Here's the list of top 10 movies.

1 . A separation

A separation
A married Iranian couple are faced with a difficult decision - to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimers. 

2 . About Elly

About Elly
It's a story about three Iranian families who are traveling to North of Iran in order that they can introduce the teacher of one of these families daughters to one of their divorced friends who's coming from Germany to Iran but everything changes when the young teacher (Elly) disappears.

3 . Children of Heaven

Children of Heaven
Zohre's shoes are gone; her older brother Ali lost them. They are poor, there are no shoes for Zohre until they come up with an idea: they will share one pair of shoes.

4 . Bashu, the Little Stranger

Bashu, the Little Stranger
During the Iran - Iraq War, Bashu, a young boy loses his house and all his family. Scared, he sneaks into a truck that is leaving. He gets off the truck in the Northern part of the country, where everything from landscape to language is different. He meets Naii, who is trying to raise her two young children, while her husband is away. Despite cultural differences, and the fact that they do not speak the same language, Bashu and Naii slowly form a strong bond.

5 . The Cow

The Cow Iran Movie

 The whole village knows that Mashti Hassan loves his cow to death. One day he goes to the Tehran. His cow dies. The villagers are afraid of what might happen once Hassan finds out his cow is dead.

6 . Turtles Can Fly

Turtles Can Fly
Near the Iraqi-Turkish border on the eve of an American invasion, refugee children like 13-year-old Kak, gauge and await their fate.

7 . The Color of Paradise

The Color of Paradise
Mohammad, a boy at Tehran's institute for the blind, waits for his dad to pick him up for summer vacation.The lad is a loving student of nature and longs for village life with his family, but his father is ashamed of him, wanting to farm the boy out to clear the way for marriage to a woman who knows nothing of this son. Over granny's objections, dad apprentices Mohammad far from home to a blind carpenter. Can anything bring father and son together?

8 . No One Knows About Persian Cats

No One Knows About Persian Cats
Iranian musicians Negar and Ashkan look for band members to play at a London concert, and the visa that allows them to leave Tehran to do so.

9 . The White Balloon

The White Balloon
Several people try to take advantage of a little girl's innocence to hustle money that her mom gave her to buy a goldfish with.

10 . Offside

Struggle of Women in a country that excludes them from entering the stadiums.

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