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Written by a person named Vatsyayana who lived in Varanasi, India. Kamasutra book describes making love as a divine union and it contains a total 64 sexual positions of making love. The whole kamasutra is not a sex manual, only 20% of the book is about how to make love. Rest of the book is about relationships and being a good citizen. "Kāma" means sensual or sexual pleasure and "sūtra" means a thread or bond that holds things together.

Amazing Facts About Kamasutra Book

This great book was hidden until Sir Richard F. Burton saw it in Bombay in 1842 and became fascinated with it. He said "We British never knew of this kind of love-making. Had we known, we would not have ruined the lives of so many British virgins."

A chapter of the kamautra book is about the ways of seducing and escaping after sleeping with other men's wives. In the year 1998 president Bill Clinton was given a copy of the Kamasutra book after the Summit of the Americas in Santiago, Chile.

Kamasutra Book

Kamasutra book is organized in 36 chapters :

  • General remarks
  • Amorous advances/Sexual union
  • Acquiring a wife
  • Duties and privileges of the wife
  • Other men's wives
  • Occult practices

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The translation is usually attributed to renowned author Sir Richard Francis Burton, but the chief work was done by an Indian archaeologist, Bhagwanlal Indraji.

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