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Online advertising has started gaining pace in india. The 38 million Internet users in india are catching the eyes of every advertiser in the country. Here's the list of top 10 ad networks. Please provide suggestions to improve this list.

10 . Tyroo

Network Model : CPC / CPM / CPL

Tyroo Picture

9 . Ozone Media Indian Ad Network
Model : CPM / CPC and CPA ads

Ozone Media Indian Ad Network

8 . Axill (Social Media Exchange)
Network Model : CPM advertising and CPA advertising


7 . Value Click Ad Network
Advertising Model : CPM based Ad Network
Requirnments : It needed more then 3000 ad impressions every month.

Value Click Ad Network

6 . Infolinks (Intext)
Advertising Network Model : CPC

5 . Clicksor
Network Model : CPM, CPC, CPA, Popups


4 . Komli / Pubmatic Indian Ad Network
Ad Model : CPC,CPM,CPL Model.

Komli  Pubmatic Indian Ad Network

3 . AdMagnet Indian Network 
Ad Network Model : CPM (Cost Per Mile), CPC (Cost per Click)
Eligibility Criteria : 1 million page views per month.

AdMagnet Indian Network

2 . TribalFusion
Ad Model : Cpm , In-text advertising and Lead generation
Eligibility Criteria : Minimum 5,00,000 unique users.


1 . Google Ad Sense
Advertising Model : CPC Advertising

Google Ad Sense

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